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The Wright Life
200 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO 80524-2424
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The Wright Life

The Wright Life is an alternative sports store, and has been since it was founded in 1981 by Bill Wright. The store is manned by an experienced and enthusiastic staff that live our motto, "THE MOST FUN WINS!"

Our store is located in historic Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado, approximately 60 miles north of Denver.


Even before The Wright Life was born in 1981 the ground work for the "alternative sports" world was being formed by Bill Wright. The Wright Life has run contests, event promotions, and specialty demonstrations for over 15 years. Creating exciting opportunities for the Fort Collins community and beyond. Here are some of the highlights on our history, so far.

1976 - Bill started School at Colorado State University in the Fall of 1976. Immediately started playing disc sports on campus as there was a small group of players that had been to some tournaments and followed the International Frisbee Association.

1978- The Grateful Disc Frisbee Club is registered by Wham-O 's International Frisbee Association and becomes the first and still existing Frisbee club on the Colorado State University campus. Bill Wright, Ava Muslin, Doug Brannigan and several others were the founding members.

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