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Alpine Ski Trail at Breckenridge


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Springmeier is typically the very first run to open each year. This is because skiers of mostly all abilities can handle it. The top section is classified as blue, but if you use 5 Chair, you’ll only get the green. The best time to catch this run is early, because it becomes very popular as the day goes on.

0.49 miles


A great wide trail has usually great cover. Can get crowded at the end of the day as it's the best way to get back to town.

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50%1250%Total votes: 49

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Downhill Skis

Nice and wide, plenty of room even when it gets crowded. Breckenridge always keeps this trail well groomed not matter what. Cruising top to bottom is fun no matter what you ability.

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50%1250%Total votes: 54