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Share Your Photos / Videos

There are many ways to share your footage of your trip to the mountains. The easiest way is to write a review and post your photos and/or video links there. If you don't want to write a review you can email us your photos and/or videos directly to support@ski.vacations. Photos and videos submitted here we will consider as the featured photos / videos for that ski area / trail / ski lift / business that you submit it for. We provide a form here where you can send us the link to your video or upload the photo. The video link URL can be from a video that has been uploaded to Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo. Soon we will allow for direct uploading to our Vimeo channel here as well. Don't forget to send us details of what you are sending like a description and date taken. If you email us make sure to use the same address that you are registered under.

Media Submission

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Upload one or multiple photos here. They can be any size as we will auto-compress it for viewing on the web but please try to keep it under 6 MB. You may upload up to 10 photos per form submission. Choose just one at a time - CTRL does not work in this case.